Conference at CINETIC-UNATC Bucharest


The LABYRINTH TEST – by IOANA VIOLET – Conference & Practical Workshop

The Conference aims at presenting a volume dedicated to the research in Art therapy, recently published.

Among the topics addressed:

  • the Labyrinth, its history and continuity in art
  • the notion of « performance » as a form of transversality among various arts.
  • the impact of these techniques in art therapy (for a public with special needs), presentation of several clinical vignettes, supervised case studies.

A PowerPoint presentation and a video, supports the illustration of the above mentioned subjects.

« Intuitive Labyrinth », 

The object of the practical Workshop called the « Intuitive Labyrinth » is the field of sensory experimentation in art. The emphasis is set on the « sensory experience » from the perspective of several art disciplines- writing, drawing, acting, etc. We shall explore the principles of stimulating artistic creativity from the perspective of the FIVE senses. This training is highly experiential. It includes live demonstrations, pair work and exchanges.

Ioana Violet lives in Paris, she is a visual artist and art therapist (Phd in art therapy), artistic director for Artees.

Art et Art-thérapie